Domestic Violence

If you are in custody after being charged with or arrested for domestic violence, you will have to appear for a bail hearing that will determine whether or not you should be released, and if so, the conditions of your release. As per the conditions, the accused may be restricted from going home or contacting her or her children or spouse. The accused may not even be able to collect his or her items from the residence.

To protect your freedom during such critical times, do contact a criminal defence lawyer. James Lee with his thorough understanding of domestic violence laws works to mitigate the damage. Do not let domestic violence charges ruin your future. Allow us to evaluate the facts so we can build a strong defence and minimize the gravity of the consequences.

Uttering threats

Posing threats is a crime as per the Criminal Code. Uttering or conveying a threat causing bodily harm or death can lead to the person making threats being charged with assault. Threatening to destroy a person’s property also falls under this crime.

Threat offences are punishable by imprisonment. That is why it’s important to build a strong case by preparing for all of the potential defences. James Lee, with his knowledge and skills, knows how to build a strong case for his client facing assault charges to get them to come out of the trouble safe and sound.

Criminal harassment

Often referred to as stalking or crime of passion, criminal harassment includes a person repeatedly trying to follow or contact someone; making that person worried about his or her safety. Examples would include following that person or placing phone calls to him or her repeatedly.

If you are facing criminal harassment, let James Lee handle your lawsuit. Do not face unjust charges without legal representation. He knows how to represent his clients and prepare a case that could resolve the issue with either a settlement or the dropping of charges altogether.

Sexual assault

Sexual assault is an umbrella term used for a number of criminal offences that involve touching of a sexual nature without the consent of the other person. This is serious crime with severe ramifications on part of the person facing the charges.

James Lee understands not just the legal implications, but also, the fact that the accused stands to lose his reputation in addition to facing such serious charges. Therefore, he works closely with his clients to best analyze the situation in order to come up with the most effective course of action to resolve the case in a discrete manner.