Child Pornography

There can be a minimum sentence in cases involving child pornography. However, that’s not where the complications end. These cases can negatively impact your future prospects of housing and building a career. Since such convictions are mostly on public record they bring along a public humiliation factor which can further exacerbate the gravity of the situation, putting your livelihood at stake.

It is common knowledge that owning or producing pornography is no offence, but it’s a very serious criminal act when the subjects of the porn material are minors or youth.

Oftentimes, internet shareware programs are involved in child pornography distribution cases. To track down the origin of such sharing, law enforcement officials use certain software and tools to extract all of the information leading up to the offender.

This helps in tracking down the person involved in the possession and distribution of the porn.

The person is then charged with internet crimes and child pornography. Once the law enforcement has the necessary warrant to search your property, they can seize any and all the material, tying you to the offence.

James Lee starts off by analyzing the nature of the forensics involved in the case along with the procedure followed by the police during search and seizure process. He pays full attention to the tiniest of detail.

Cases involving child pornography demand more than just a professional helping hand. They need the presence and attention of a criminal defence lawyer who can play all the cards discreetly. James Lee is a criminal defence lawyer who fights for his clients’ rights and reputation.