The laws related to firearms usage in Canada are extremely strict and complicated. According to the regulations under the Criminal Code, firearms should be only used for the purposes that are permitted under the Firearms Act.

If you have been charged with illegal or improper usage of firearms, you stand at the possibility of facing jail time. Illegal possession of a weapon can easily translate to even severe punishments.

If you have been charged with a crime such as murder or robbery in which firearms were used, you could end-up facing prison time of several years.

Only a highly skilled lawyer who is familiar with the ins and outs of the firearms possession laws can help you get out of the trouble safely.

When James Lee represents his clients facing firearms charges, he investigates the case thoroughly. He will come-up with realistic advice and also tell his clients about various possible scenarios regarding what all penalties he stands to face.

Types of Illegal Firearms in Canada

Certain firearms are listed as ‘prohibited’ under the Firearms Act making it illegal to carry or possess them at all. Below are the types of firearms, possession of which can lead you to face criminal charges:

  • Rifles or shotguns with a barrel length of under 547 mm
  • Sawed-off rifles or shot guns with a length of less than 660 mm.
  • Fully automatic guns
  • Fully automatic guns
  • Handguns of .25 or .32 calibre
Staying updated with the gun laws

The laws related to firearms and guns are always changing. The firearms that are prohibited today may not have been prohibited few years ago. Therefore, if you are in possession of a gun that was registered before it became prohibited, it may still be legal to possess it.

The laws are ever changing and complicated. But, James Lee is a defence lawyer who stays current with the latest updates of the law, which qualifies him to provide the best defence for his clients.

An attorney who is not intimidated by the complicated laws

Cases relating to firearms are handled by law enforcement who are regulated by the government. Dealing with the authorities in charge of prosecuting firearms offences can create a lot of anxiety but James Lee works to create a safe and strong defence to get his clients out of the trouble and out of jail.