Impaired Driving

Driving Without Due Care and Attention

The British Columbia, the Motor Vehicle Act regulates the vehicles and drivers on the roads. The Motor Vehicle Act defines careless driving as operating a motor vehicle without exercising attention and consideration for road conditions and other drivers. Depending on the situation, penalties range from minor traffic fines to license suspensions to jail time.

These cases are highly technical and nature and strong consideration must be given to important factors such as driver knowledge, the actions of the officer and the road conditions at the time of the alleged offence. James Lee can help you analyze the strength of your defence and implement a strategy for a favourable result.

Dangerous Driving

Dangerous driving charges are brought about where individuals are accused of driving in a manner knowingly dangerous to the public or as a marked departure from the standard of driving expected from a reasonable person. These offences typically carry serious legal consequences in terms of liability and driver licensing.

Since a conviction for dangerous driving can bear substantial ramifications to the future of the accused, seeking knowledgeable defence counsel is essential for ensuring a favourable legal outcome.