Use of weapon during other crimes

The use of a weapon while committing some other crime can cause more serious legal implications; you might end up in prison. In other words, the consequences of committing a crime, such as assault, can become even graver when a weapon is involved. For example, the maximum penalty when convicted on a common assault is five years of imprisonment. In contrast, the maximum penalty when convicted on a charge of assault with a weapon is ten years of imprisonment.

The term “weapon” can range from ordinary household items such as a shoe and a golf club to more serious objects such as a sword or a handgun. Interestingly, the term “weapon” is not limited to inanimate objects; it can include a dog that is ordered to attack a person.

When charged with weapons related crimes, it’s best to get in touch with a defence lawyer as soon as possible.

If you are facing any of the following charges, James Lee can help you out –

  • Illegal discharge of firearm
  • Possessing weapons illegally
  • Violation of probations related to weapon possession
  • Armed robbery

There can be a mandatory minimum punishment associated with weapon-related charges. In some cases, it can be very difficult to get bail.

In the absence of a skilled lawyer fighting on your behalf, you could be stuck in jail impending trial. Don’t let that be the case. Contact James Lee and let him defend you by fighting on your behalf. Protect your freedom and your social standing by letting the best defence attorney represent you.

James Lee works hard to make sure his clients don’t have to face the harsh consequences associated with weapons-related offences. He leaves no stone unturned to get sentences minimized for his clients.